Welcome to Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone in-home health care giving in Vermont & New Hampshire provides companionship, and personal care for those needing extra help in their homes. We adapt our wide and flexible range of Senior Care services to meet the needs of each individual client.

Our Objectives

  • Respect the independence, rights and privacy and to protect the security of each individual.
  • Place and supervise skilled and bonded caregivers compatible with the individual needs and personality of each client
  • Establish open lines of communication with each client, legal representatives, and immediate family members within the guidelines of state and federal law.
  • Maintain active professional contacts with medical professionals, service organizations and reputable businesses.┬áThis benefits providers to assure that each client has direct access to the best available area of services.
  • Maintain completeness, accuracy, and continuity of keeping records of each clients, condition, activities, treatment and medications.
  • Remain current and regularly update all caregivers with new developments in medications, treatments, services, and health legislation which support client needs.